Archery Targets

Archery is the game that involves the shooting of arrows that are released from the bow and shot at a target. The closer you shoot the arrow to the archery targets, the more your score will be. The scored targets of each player are added and the person with the highest addition is declared as the winner.

This game is categorized into to types i.e. field and target. The player shoots the arrow from various distances at one target in archery targets and in field archery the players are allowed to move around in the course and shoots at the targets of various sizes from various distances. The bows that are used in the later type of this game have a traditional look.

The bows that are used in the archery targets and the field target are made up of fiberglass or carbon and are fitted with stabilizers and sights. These bows are attached with stabilizers to stabilize the bows while playing the game. The arrows are attached with a pointed tip of metal in the front and at the back; these arrows are provided with slots to attach the strings of the bows. Straw ropes are stitched together to make the butts or the targets and then the canvas targets are pinned with colored papers.

The adventurous archery targets involve of many rules that need to be followed by the players or the shooters. During the competitions, the players can use any other bow except the crossbow. One of the rules of the game also specifies that every players should have a different colored crest on his/her arrows as a sign of identification. The arrows can only be shot when the player are given the signals.

Every player is allowed to shoot only six arrows at the specified target. The shots are counted valid even in the circumstances like: after shooting, the arrows that fall down from the bow or the bows that do not reach the shooting line. The longest distance is to be shot first and the distance of shooting gradually increases after the first shot.

The shooting distances are different for the men and the women competitors. For men the distances are 90 meters, 70 meters, 50 meters, 30 meters and for women the distances are 70 meters, 60 meters, 50 meters and 30 meters

Listed below are some of the archery targets that are available in the market. The pro weave target faces are durable and are stuck together by pressure and heat. These types of boards can be used for improving the shooting skills.

The 3D archery targets will add a lot of excitement in the game. These types of targets are available in the market and can be used by the beginners as well as the expert shooters. These archery targets can be made at home also by using corrugated cardboard, cording, foam padding, 2×4 wooden boards, excelsior etc.

Archery is a game of skill and concentration and if practiced regularly it can certainly be improved.


Bear Archery

Bear Archery is the pioneer in the field of archery. With the wide product range like the compound bows, traditional bows, youth bows and gears and appeals this company has made a visible growth in this field.

The compound bows of the Bear Archery are categorized into The Truth2, Done Deal, Game Over, Lights Out, and Show Down. Odyssey II and Pioneer II. The expert team of engineers of this company, that are sure to give you the best of the performances, have designed all bows, that are manufactured by Bear Archery. With various dimensions, the compound bows will satisfy the needs of every shooter.

The traditional bows of the Bear Archery are categorized into Traditional Accessories, Hunter Series and Elite Series. This series is further categorized into Kodiak Magnum, Patriot, Cheyenne, Royal Safari, TakeDown, and Montana Longbow. These bows are made from genuine hand crafted material.

The special edition of these bows is the Super Kodiak Supreme, Montana Longbow Supreme and Kodiak Magnum Supreme. The Elite series is made by using numerous laminates and fiberglass. These bows are equipped with FastFlight string, radiused grip and smoothly crowned arrow shelf and are usually used by the professionals.

The arrow shelf of the Montana Longbow of the Bear Archery is crowned ands cut in the center. The tips of this bow are bound for enabling a stronger force. The Super Kodak series of is made up of leather side plate and Bear Hair mat. The look of these bows is enhanced by the brown and gray lamination of hardwood. These bows are used for hunting animals too! The Royal Safari is the apex of the bowyers skills. These bows are attached with leather grips for a better holding and are mostly used for hunting purpose.

The Bear Archery has a wide range of gears and accessories for the ardent lovers of this game. All the products in this range are designed with a bear logo and are available in different colors and sizes. Products like caps, T-shirts etc will surely boost up your confidence while playing the game or competition.

Archery is the game of skill and concentration. It involves shooting of arrows that released from the bow and shot at a target. The closer the person shoots the arrow to the target, higher points he/she will score.

The scored targets at the end of the game are calculated and the person whose total is the highest wins the game. With all these products of Bear Archery, this game will certainly be exciting.


All About Archery

Archery has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. Be it the war field or the hunting ground, it was archery which made man victorious. Archers have been an indispensable part of Egyptian, Indian, Greek and Persian civilization. These archers were highly adorned and respected; in fact special training was provided to people who wanted to master the art of archery.

Bows and arrows are the main constituents of archery. Studies have shown that the bows were developed in either early Mesolithic age or late Paleolithic age. Pines were used for making arrows.

Bows are of different types such as Longbow, shortbow, flatbow, recurve bow, crossbow and compound bow. Longbow as the name suggests is very long; the length of the bow is equal to the height of the user and in some cases even exceeds the height of the user. The limb of the Flatbow is wider and the cross-section is rectangular in shape.

Shortbow is shorter in length; it is light weight and has a short range. It was basically used for hunting purpose. In crossbow the limbs are mounted in a horizontal manner and not in a vertical manner. The compound bow is designed in such as manner that the archer is at his ease while mounting the bow.

An arrow is made up of shaft; it has an arrowhead which is at the front portion of the arrow. These arrowheads which are made of metals or some other materials are used to target points. In order to properly shoot an arrow the archer has to maintain a proper stance. The posture of the body, the eye and the way the archer is holding the bow should be proper.

Sight shooting and instinctive shooting are the two methods adopted by an archer while shooting n arrow. In instinctive shooting the archer has to completely concentrate on the target while shooting the arrow. It requires a lot of practice. Whereas in case of sight shooting the archer can adjust the pins which are there on the bows to target an object, his is relatively easy. Previously instinctive shooting was the norm but at present sight shooting is more preferred.

As the civilization started advancing materialistically, people started thinking of developing some mechanism which was more lethal and more effective in comparison to bows and arrows. Development of firearms was a step in this direction; it made bows and arrows completely obsolete.

Bows and arrows which were extensively used in wars by the soldiers gave way to firearms. Those kingdoms which did not possess firearms started losing their stronghold and were defeated in the war filed. The firearms had many advantages over bows and arrows. They had long range, they were more lethal, using them did not require lots of training and no major skill was required to use this weapons.

Today archery has become a sporting activity; some even use it for recreational purposes. Although today archery has lost its sheen but we should not forget that it has played a pivotal role in shaping human civilization.


Traditional Archery

Archery involves use of a bow and arrow. The bow is used to launch an arrow so that it hits the target accurately. Archery is used since time immemorial. The battles that took place in fourteenth and fifteenth century used arrows and bows as bows as war weapons.

Even today many tribes use archery for hunting purpose. It is said that traditional archers are down to earth, generous and hardworking. The world of Archery can be divided into 3 major camps that are recognized as primitive, traditional and modern.

Traditional archery is considered to be the one of the oldest form of Archery. There are several archery traditions in several parts of the world, each having its own significance. Traditional bows such as longbows were used by many including the early man.

Although compound bows are popular today, still many prefer traditional bows. The compound bows are too mechanized and people want something simpler when launching an arrow. Traditional bows are fun to use as they are uncomplicated and user friendly.

Traditional archery can literally become a part of your life. Traditional bows that include recurves and long bows have an attractive appearance. Shooting with traditional bows is itself a challenge. You have to master them in order to aim accurately.

In traditional archery the archer can fire arrows naturally and smoothly. Traditional Archery has amazing history and cultural value. Traditional Archery is a natural to a simple and serves to be quite relaxing and recreational. Roving with traditional bows is a very healthy exercise.

Traditional Archery became more popular in 1940s and 1960s. Traditions bows though are a bit heavy are still used even today by many archers. It requires dedication and practice to master traditional bows.

If you want a body work out then you should try shooting using traditional bows. It stimulates mental improvement through relaxation and concentration. Traditional bows weigh around 50 to 60 pounds.

There are many websites on the internet that can be regarded as a home for traditional bow hunters and traditional hunters. You will find various online shops that can provide you traditional archery equipment at your door step.

There are some online shops that provide used and new traditional Recurve and Longbows. Custom wood bow strings and arrows are built according to your sporting needs. You can have great discounts on these traditional bows.

Traditional bows and arrows are wooden. Hence easier to handle. High quality wood is used in making traditional arrows and bows. Even today there are some countries that organize traditional archery competitions.

It requires a high level of understanding to master traditional bows and arrows. Although traditional bows are difficult to master, they are known for their instinctive accuracy. Today Traditional bows that are manufactured are generally long bows that are more stable and considerably reduce hand shock.

There is no doubt that traditional bows will be seen again in large number in the twenty first century. In a nutshell, traditional bows have immense benefits; hence people should not hesitate to buy them.

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